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Hobbs London Sita Floral Print Shift Dress Lapis Multi 2Z8vF
Hobbs London Sita Floral Print Shift Dress


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Mon-Fri 8:30am – 7:00pm EST

Performing Life is a registered nonprofit organization founded to help impoverished youth working and/or living on the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Today our various programs empower these young people by teaching them performance and visual arts as productive skills for avoiding drugs and delinquency while ensuring participants remain in school and receive academic support when needed. Performing Life also provides participating youth with new economic opportunities, and the funds they earn are used to start savings accounts that allow them and their families to make important decisions about their educational and financial futures. Sinceits inception our organization has helped over 2,100 children and members of their families, and we are proud that youth interest in our programs, and desire to expand them, has never been greater. We’re glad you’ve found us, too. For more information about the important work we’re doing here in Bolivia, read on!

Read more about our history mission

How wehelp

Our current programs

The Circus Arts Program started in March 2006. It is the oldest of Performing Life’s projects and forms the heart of the organization’s youth programs. Social Circus classes teach at-risk youth in deprived areas circus arts, including juggling, acrobatics, unicycle, and much more. Our workshops have a positive impact on participants’ personal development, increasing abilities such as teamwork, communication, and concentration, as well as developing self-esteem, expression, and self-determination.

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The Music Program began in 2008 with a small studio in a closet, minimal equipment, and six to ten participants. The Music Program engages youth with the least amount of opportunities in life in an environment where they develop self-esteem, using music to express their feelings about their lives and the world around them. The participants learn to create and write lyrics, put them to music, create beats, and produce albums in diverse genres such as pop, acoustic, contemporary, and hip hop.

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The Social Education Program is a replacement for the education program. It focuses on the development of a set of skills and abilities that empower boys and girls to have better opportunities for the future. They work on issues such as basic and advanced social skills, emotional intelligence, alternatives to aggression, coping with stress, planning skills, gender equality, conflict management, etc. All of this focuses on participatory, active methodologies and with an important recreational component to keep the children motivated, interested and participative.

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The Health Programs provide essential services that help to improve participating youth’s overall health through collaboration with local organizations. Youth and their families have access to Dental care, General Health Check-ups, and educational workshops aimed at improving living conditions, family planning and disease prevention.

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How wehelp

Other Activities.

Scholarship and Higher Education Programs are available to all youth who regularly attend PL activities and are 16 and above. Past opportunities include training and workshops with Cirque du Monde and scholarships to learn English and Sound Engineering. Through one of our partner organizations, Smiles Forever, young women become certified Dental Hygienists. In 2015 we are forming relationships with other Bolivian and foreign universities to provide youth with the opportunities they need to become a professionals in more fields.

Read more about this program!

The Performing Life Cafeteria provides over 70 kids in the programs with a free healthy meal each day, and employment for mothers as cooks.

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How wehelped

Our past programs

The Bracelet and Micro-Enterprise Program which began in 2006, is a youth-managed enterprise that offers participants and their families the opportunity to make beautiful, high-quality bracelets that are then sent to the United States for sale. All profits are returned to the participants and saved in their own bank accounts, which are set up by Performing Life. Families learn to use these funds for education, improving living conditions, and starting microenterprises that sustain them and/or their families.

Read more about this program!

The Education Program was established in 2014 to offer enrichment lessons engaging youth with a range of subjects designed to improve their educational attainment and broaden their perspectives with topics that are not being taught in the Bolivian school system. Participants take classes each week on how to use the Internet and learn skills that they need to be successful now and later in life.

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How you can help


Become a member and make a donation to help improve the lives of the children and families here in Cochabamba.

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There are many ways you can contribute to Performing Life. It doesn’t matter where you are, what skills you have, or how much time or money you can spare. Click below to see our options for volunteering!

Click here for more info!

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Cirque Du Soleil has partnered with Performing Life to help us raise money to help disadvantaged children living in deprived areas in Cochabamba, Bolivia. We have 100 tickets to the LUZIA show in LOS ANGELES on Thursday December 14th at the Dodger Stadium. Buy tickets for the show and 90 percent of the profits will […]

What will you do when medicine isn’t readily available?

Oops…I’m a bit late in publicizing the free upcoming The Essential Oils Revolution Healthy Oil Summit. It starts tomorrow – Saturday, May 11 – and continues through Friday May 17.

First things First – you can register for the free event by clicking below:

Free Gifts You’ll Receive When you register, you’ll receive a number of free gifts, including advance access to two of the presentations. One of these presentations, “Essential Oils for Gut, Thyroid and Adrenals” by Josh Axe, is the absolute best presentation on Essential Oils I have ever seen , live or recorded. The three free ebooks are also very well done.

Free Gifts You’ll Receive the absolute best presentation on Essential Oils I have ever seen

How the Summit Works Beginning on May 11 and continuing through May 17, four or five videos will be posted each day for you to view. You’ll receive an email each day with info on the videos available that day. Topics are as wide ranging as:

How the Summit Works

And of course, there’s much more.

If you want to buy a copy of all the presentations for viewing again later, you will be able to purchase all 31 presentations for $47. RUBIROSA Odile White ZiIdt3pIva
and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase your own copy of the presentations.

It’s Time for Me to Take the Next Step — How About You? I’ve been “playing with” essential oils for about a year. What I mean by that is I’m using them sporadically (when I remember) for just a few things — to help me sleep, as a pick-me-up in the afternoon, to ease sinus congestion. Over the past few months as I’ve read more articles and talked to more users, I’ve been developing an awareness that essential oils could do so much more for me. It’s time for me to begin to use them as part of a healthy living regimen.

It’s Time for Me to Take the Next Step — How About You?

You can join me by registering below:

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Published March 31, 2015 | By Sandy Hovatter

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Nancy Thomas

Tufts University


The debate over free speech and inclusion in higher education is not new, but it has reached new levels of vitriol and confusion as legislators and others beyond the academy argue for unfettered speech. Mandating speech rights on campuses undercuts decades of learning around diversity, inclusion, and equity in higher education and in public life by mainstreaming undemocratic forces in some factions in U.S. society that thrive on creating divisiveness and fear of “the other.” Those with an absolutist perspective take a zero-sum game approach by pitting the important American principles of freedom and individualism against the equally important principles of equity and community. Not only is this an unnecessary choice, but it infringes on academic freedom and the right of academics to decide how best to educate for the health and future of democracy. Academic content, standards, norms, and pedagogy should be based on educational goals and objectives. The solution lies in fostering discussion about democratic principles and practices as well as a sense of shared responsibility among members of a campus community for student learning and success.


academic freedom, free speech, diversity, equity, inclusion, civic learning and engagement, political learning, campus climate, campus culture, educating for democracy, student activism, dialogue, deliberation

Author Note

Nancy Thomas, Institute for Democracy and Higher Education, Tisch College, Tufts University.

Correspondence regarding this article should be addressed to Nancy Thomas, Director, Institute for Democracy and Higher Education, Tisch College of Civic Life, Tufts University, Lincoln Filene Hall, Medford, MA 02155. E-mail: Nancy.Thomas@tufts.edu

Since the 2016 election season, many people and organizations outside of academia—legislators, partisan pundits, and self-appointed watchdogs—have weighed in on the state of free speech on college and university campuses. For instance, in August 2017, drawing from model legislation drafted by the Goldwater Institute (Goldwater, 2017), North Carolina passed the Restore Campus Free Speech Act, which mandated that the Board of Regents adopt regulations protecting controversial speakers and disciplining students who interrupt those speakers. The law also requires academics to remain “neutral” about political controversies. Campus free-speech laws have been passed in California, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin, and have been proposed in Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, and Wyoming (see Appendix); the Louisiana governor, however, vetoed proposed legislation in June 2017 (Deslatte, 2017), and the Kansas Senate narrowly rejected a bill in March 2018 (Hancock, 2018). Though they all fall under the category of free-speech legislation, the laws vary from state to state: Some allow speakers to seek monetary damages from institutions from which they are disinvited; others mandate that students who interfere with speakers face disciplinary action; and others eliminate free speech “zones.” The federal government has also become involved in such matters. In October 2017, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Justice Department would intervene in cases related to speech on campus and since then the department has filed a “statement of interest” in at least three cases (Greenwood, 2017; U.S. Department of Justice, 2018).

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
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Port City Daily
Local News Nearly 500 Wilmington properties added to new FEMA flood zone map

According to FEMA, the floodplain is changing. Regulatory areas for flooding, including Greenfield Lake, RiverLights, and the downtown area, are widening. Meanwhile, high-velocity zoning, areas at risk from the direct impact of waves along the Intracoastal Waterway near Landfall and Summer Rest Road are dialing back.


WILMINGTON—Soon, nearly 500 properties in Wilmington will be designated within FEMA’s Special Flood Hazard Area, which will cause insurance adjustments for residents by late August.

Nearly 800 parcels, including453 residential and 14 commercial structures, will likely see increased insurance under FEMA’s new flood zones. Kathryn Thurston, Wilmington’s floodplain manager, made note of FEMA’s zoning trends in a case summary report that will be reviewed by the city’s Planning Commission on July 11.

Drivers and pedestrians in Wilmington may have noticed the flood map signs posted along well-traveled roadways. However, the signs’ locations do not necessarily indicate parcels up forflood rezoning. They are simply intended to garner public attention.

“They were posted in primary thoroughfares for the general public,” Thurston said.

In her report, Thurston pointed out several patterns among hundreds of flood rezonings recommended by FEMA. While properties located along the Intracoastal Waterway near Landfall and Summer Rest Road are designated as having decreased flood risk, properties within Bradley Creek and Hewletts Creek communities are receiving higher-risk zonings.

RiverLights, downtown Wilmington and the Greenfield Lake community will remain in the same flood zone for the most part. However, Thurston found the regulatory floodplain to be widening along those areas.

In New Hanover County – not including Wilmington’s city limits –approximately 698 structures will soon be added to FEMA’s “AE Zone.” This zone is referred to as the 100-year floodplain, slightly less risky than the “VE Zone,” which is designated for high-velocity area subject to wave action.

With approximately 300 fewer county properties designated in the VE Zone under FEMA’s new maps, the city is also experiencing a shift away from high-velocity zoning according to Thurston’s report. In other words, more properties are at risk from flooding, while fewer are at risk from the direct impact of ocean waves.

Wilmington’s Planning Commission and City Council will vote to approve floodplain rezonings in addition to flood amendments to maintain federal compliance before FEMA’s August 28 deadline.

If the city chooses not to update its maps and code according to FEMA’s recommendations, residents will no longer be eligible to receiveinsurance subsidies through the National Flood Insurance Program.

To look up your property according to FEMA’s new floodplain designations, visit FRIS’s interactive online map .On the righthand side of the map, click on “effective” and select “preliminary.” The “preliminary” results represent FEMA’s new floodplain designations.


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